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NAViGaTOR – Network Analysis, Visualization, & Graphing TORonto is an academic software package for visualizing and analyzing networks.
The current version, NAViGaTOR, 3 implements a variety of functionality for network analysis, such as shortest path and clique search and static/dynamic layout algorithms such as circular or GRIP.
Annotation of networks enable enrichment analysis of attributes discovering their distribution in the network.
In particular the integrated protein protein network functionality enables the annotation of gene/protein with molecular function (e.g. Gene Ontology) or disease relevance (e.g. Human Disease Ontology).
Navigator is a research funded and devoted project under active development by members of Jurisica Lab of the Krembil Research Institute. The project was funded by the XandY research grand to further develop the functionality and enhance the interchangeability between Navigator and other tools (e.g. Cytoscape) for network analysis and visualization. Therefore, Navigator implements import and export functionality for the most common file formats, such as XGMML, PSI or text.
The project is subject to the GNU General Public License, see for more details.


Download NAViGATOR Manual